Our firm stores the goods which we supply, in Yılport port located in Gebze.
Our firm has storage capacity up to 25.000 mt monthly in Yılport port and our firm makes sale of these goods from tanks in the port directly.

About Us

NANDA PETROL A.Ş. is a leader, modern, dynamics, young company and sensitive to environment for petrol and chemical materials trade in Turkey.

NANDA PETROL family which is base oils and industrial oils field-leading, supply from leading refines of European countries and commonwealth of independent states directly besides it gradually increases its growth rate every year without compromising its own principles and working principles since it was founded.

NANDA PETROL which works with leading trade companies sector-leading concertedly, trades base and industrial oils in worldwide through its these connections.

NANDA PETROL whose products quality are controlled by independent controller SGS and SAYBOLT firms in a detailed way from loading port to discharge port, is a firm providing guarantee of parameters itself, knowing requirement of every product and basing on customer satisfaction.

NANDA PETROL family has held its own in sector without changing environment and quality policy which it estimates by holding product quality and customer satisfaction at highest level from one day.
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